Female mobile number for friendship

Well, it’s not easy to describe oneself in a few words, but let me try to do it. I am a very communicative person, have a great number of friends. But it turned out that I haven’t met my man, who would understand my soul and share my interests. I haven’t met the only man with whom I’d like to build a family. I am open-hearted, easy to talk to and deal with, ready to help my friends. I always try to take people with their good sides as well as shortcomings. I believe in God. As for my profession, I am a sales manager, sell medicines by wholesale. I can’t imagine my life without music: Celine Dion, Sher, Madonna, Sarah O’Connor, Elton John, George Michael – I just adore them. I like to visit our local Musical Comedy Theater to see the latest performance. In my spare time I enjoy meeting my friends. We go to the disco-club or party to have some fun. I am said I am sports crazy from time to time, because I am very keen on watching sports by TV. English studying takes considerable part of my free time. I used to go to the local British Council to take videotapes, books, text-books, magazines – all for studying and amusement. I also attend English evening classes. I like animals. In my childhood I had a can Kesha and a dog Lucy. I like nature but I like to watch it and I know that hiking and mountain skiing are not for me. I like sometimes just to walk in a park or in a forest or along a shore of a lake. Once or twice a week I go to a gym. I’d like to learn riding a horse.
You are cheerful, energetic, well educated man with active life position. You know what you want from life and don’t give up under difficulties. At the same time you have a philosophic view and people around you are much more important to you than the sizes of their bank accounts. You have many friends and a wide circle of interests. It’s interesting with you, you are capable of enthusiasm, you love nature, but at the same time you don’t mind to watch a movie in a cozy home atmosphere. In general you are content with your life, but you miss special warmth, care and the support, intimacy and attention which one may find only in his own family. You miss Love! You seriously intent to create a family and you are not looking for new impressions. You are not an adventurer but you are capable of extraordinary acts. You are open, patient, reliable, careful, responsible, a bit romantic and have a sense of humor. In relationship you (like me) value honesty, mutual understanding and respect, ability to make a compromise.

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I am tender, caring, joyful and artistic person. I like bringing joy to people and making the world around me beautiful. I enjoy new impressions. I like home cosiness and animals. My main hobby is painting and travelling. I like ancient cities with narrow streets and gothic cathedrals. I’m interested in European culture. I’d like him to be a man who has serious intentions and strong character. His age and education don’t play a great role for me. But I have a great respect for men who have “masculine” professions.

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I just like to live and enjoy every moment of life! Once I have read the saying that became my life slogan: “Make love with your life!” I am charming lady with young heart and frisky character. I am born to be an optimist and this determines my life style and character’s features. I am quick and bright, always different, as life doesn’t like the dead-level. I am calm and quiet in the morning. During the day I am active and assured. In the evening I am sensitive, skittish and romantic. I am a bit ironic, but just a little, to add some more taste to life. My friends call me “Miss welfare” as I am lucky in friendship and other affairs. The family, home, taking care of kids and my husband mean not only the words for me. These values were given to me from my granny to my mum, and from her to me, this is what we consider woman’s mission. But this doesn’t mean I can only be a housewife. I am modern and rather educated to be interesting for my partner. That would be great if we have the same interests, but that’s not important indeed. I am open to anything new and unusual. I like life changes, I was always attracted to traveling and investigating new things. If you like bowling, swimming, long walks and picnics, watching hockey and other sport events, I think we won’t be bothered being together. As for music, I like classical music for listening and modern music to dance. I like jazz, blues and adore saxophone! You may call me happy person, I don’t feel myself lonely at all, but I still feel that would be great to have partner to wait daily meetings, to miss him while being alone. Somebody who makes me smile due to his sense of humor or just being next to me, with the character and features, adding mine. Somebody to share the joy of sunny day and night of charming tenderness. I would like to find my the only one – clever, independent, romantic person who can express his feelings and understand my feelings through touches, look, words, or just silence. I want to meet my best friend, sincere and reliable. Then we will just dissolve in this outstanding feeling, and wait for something beautiful to happen in our life.

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