How to have a hookup outdoors and enjoy sex in public

Why are people having casual sex? Because they want something spicy in their lives. The open-air sex is the spiciest experience one can have, but there are some important tricks to know.

  1. Practical clothes. Wear something you can easily remove or turn aside while having sex. Casual sportive clothes can be the best choice, and take the extra set with you.
  2. Prepare your partner. Not everyone is ready for extreme sex outdoors. Get some drinks to your casual partner or lead a playful conversation preparing for such an adventure.
  3. Get open-minded. Are you completely sure you’re risky enough too for getting laid outdoors? Work on your mind opening and do win your insecurities before you try.
  4. Care about the hygiene. Sex in public is always less neat than at home or hotel. Have napkins and sanitizing gels with you, or anything that helps you keep clean and comfy.
  5. Learn to be quick. Brilic hookups aren’t much appreciated indoors where both partners might want the fullest satisfaction, but they’re most needed in all the public places.