Is Virtual Love Real?

If you are reading this article it means you are interested in on-line dating and wonder if the love that appears on-line can be real and have continuation in the real world. Well, virtual love is virtual by its definition, so it cannot be real. However, in the present world it doesn’t mean a virtual love, but the love that appears and develops in the virtual world.
So, can one find a true love in the virtual world? And is this sort of love real or just the product of your fantasy?
On-line dating has become very popular nowadays and it offers a virtual world where people can meet each other for all sorts of relationship. However, these virtual worlds (dating sites) are filled in with real people communicating with each other to make new friends, pen pals, partners, lovers and even future spouses.
Online dating has become quite acceptable today as it has become more comfortable for people to use computers as means of interaction. E- mail, instant messengers, and different applications have increased the comfort when talking with family and friends online.

This convenient form of communication is used to meet new people for dating. And this is what online dating sites offer you. Love can flourish in the interactive environment created by dating sites. Many people have built successful relationships and marriages with people that they met at online dating sites.
Thus, most virtual relationships are real, since they happen between two real people, who interact via virtual medium. The words come from them, so, do the feelings. Together with this, not all virtual love will last, just like it doesn’t last all the time in a physical world.
In fact, one needs to be skillful and have great imagination to have a lasting relationship on-line as you are not able to touch and feel each other. However, because there are many people you can reach with the help of dating sites, you have more chances to meet a more compatible person than the one you can meet in real life.