Romantic dates or marriage with a Russian lady.

marriage with a Russian lady.Irina has decided to write a letter while wondering about the things that really bother her, she is corresponding Richard for two years. He is the main reason why she stopped dating in her own country and refuses to correspond with other foreigners that write her letters via the matchmaking agency where she has placed her profile with the hope that soon she will meet her soul mate. Only after Richard has written her the first letter, she felt that sparkle that has made her feel the fire inside her heart. But there is something that is going wrong in this relationship. For two years from now they are corresponding, they met twice, in Cyprus for a vacation, as she was refused in getting the visa, but for some reason he is refusing visiting Irina in her hometown. On her questions how he is envisioning their future, he is saying that he wants her in his future, he is saying that he needs time in order to earn money, and is creating a possibility to earn money in order to create their future together, also he says that he misses and loves her. When she asks him if he has the desire to create a family, to have children, he always answers her in a very pleasant way, talks about feelings, but doesn’t give any stable answers about the future, he says nothing that could make her stop having doubts whether there is a chance for them or not.


This is exactly the case when woman itself should realize what she wants, a romantic date or getting married. If she wants to get married than she should have enough strength in order to refuse those romantic dates and to start seriously looking for a husband. The biggest mistake women make in this kind of situations is that they are hoping for a marriage, but as usually it never happens. Man who is aimed for marriage is proposing his lady within the first half of year of their relationship. If I wouldn’t go through all the “shadows” of love I wouldn’t be so perfectly sure about it. Irina and Richard simply have different interests, and they both should understand that and make their own conclusions. The fact that it bothers Irina, means that she already realizes something goes wrong, and it means that soon she will make certain steps in order to stop this crazy situation and bring the relationship to a whole new level. First of all is the fact, that it is better meeting in her hometown, first at your, and later in his town (he can always make a fiancée visa that you will not be rejected in), while Cyprus and other kind of places for a meeting are not for a serious relationship at all.

The truth in the majority of cases is standing right in front of us, and we perfectly understand it, but do not want to do anything in order to change the situation, because it is more comfortable to live in our own world full of fantasies, that we know perfectly well, will never come true, but we still keep hoping, and this way we allow ourselves wasting the precious time, and in case of Irina it is even worse, as she is also losing the opportunities to get the things she really wants from this life, such as a husband and a happy family life. It is something very sad, also due to the fact that she allowed herself falling in love with this man, and the longer the relationship will last, the more difficult it will be for her to get another man into her life and forget about Richard. Well anyway it is her call and she is the only person who can make a decision.