Some Facts about Uzbekistan Women

Women are very much respected and have deep esteem in Uzbekistan. They are treated as legitimate members of the society and have plenty of possibilities for the personal development. Today Uzbekistan women are far more than just housewives. They are intelligent, industrious and very dynamic. As the main religion in Uzbekistan is Islam, the majority of local women are Muslims.

As it used to be before, the institution of family is very strong in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan girls are family focused since their childhood. It is a fact that most of the Uzbekistan families have many children, especially in the rural locations. Uzbekistan women are very skilled in home hearth creating, raising children and taking care for their men. Handcraft is widely spread here, since Uzbekistan girls like doing things with their own hands and decorate their homes. Homes and yards are kept in immaculate state. Uzbekistan ladies are great cooks and Uzbekistan national cuisine is famous for its superb preparation. Traditional Uzbek pilaf, shashlik and shurpa are known in many countries. All these delicious dishes come from the talented Uzbek women.

Besides, their inner beauty, that is their main virtue, Uzbek girls are world-known for their exquisite outer beauty. They possess strikingly beautiful and attractive eyebrows, eyes, cheeks and hair. The gentle character, softness, generosity and patience of Uzbekistan ladies strikes! They make loving mothers, caring wives, devoted partner, life-time companions and best friends to those, who are lucky to tie the knot with them. An Uzbek wife is dutiful, faithful and respects her husband. So, if you are looking for your future spouse among these gorgeous ladies, you are definitely on the right way, since you will find yourself in a marriage you even didn’t dare to dream about!