Speed Dating as a New Form of Dating

If you are dating today, you are aware of the fact how lack of time is influencing your social life. The modern solution that gets very popular day be day is “speed dating”. So, let’s define what speed dating is. In this article you will learn what is speed dating about and see it as a new form of matchmaking.
Speed dating opens a fast-paced world of dating where single people get the opportunity to meet up to ten-twelve singles during one evening event. How is this possible? Each date lasts for 5-seven minutes. The situation is different from the conventional one, since the participants of the events are gathered with the one objective – to meet a prospective partner.
The whole procedure of speed dating is rather simple. A group of singles is gathered at a cafe or another comfortable for dating venue. Having a nametag on and a scorecard in their hands, couples are paired up and their first date begins. Single personals are allowed to talk about anything, except where the live and their jobs.
In seven minutes of conversation the bell is ringing, and the men move on to converse to their next date. Following each date, “speed daters” mark on a card whether they are interested in meeting their date again. In case a mutual interest takes place, the organizers of speed dating event provide each party with the other’s phone number.

Speed dating was introduced in 1999 by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo and was based on a Jewish tradition of young Jewish singles’ chaperoned gatherings. It was invented to keep Jewish singles from marrying outside the faith; then got its development and became popular all over the world. For many single people tired of blind dates and traditional bar-restaurant dating scene, speed dating represents a great and safe alternative.
Does speed dating really work?
Speed dating showed to be fairly successful. Around half of the participants leave the speed dating event with the potential match. Psychologists say that the success of the new matchmaking form lies in traditional chemistry that happens during 5-7 minutes of communication.
However, the question if the time for each conversation with every participant is enough still remains open. At the same time, physiologists say this time is enough to see if you have any chemistry, connection to the person you talk. Besides, when you meet for the second time or even more and you are not happy with the results, you can always quit.
Regardless, speed dating is in blossom at the present age and its popularity is growing at a rapid race.