What You Know About Dating Lesbian Cougars?

date lesbian cougarsIf you’re a young woman ready to explore her lesbian side, there’s no better way than to date lesbian cougars. They are quite approachable, given that you are of the same sex, and things can quickly swing into action because of underlying, pent up passion.

Lesbian cougar dating is all about finding that perfect older woman who is ready to experiment in bed with you and have a whole range of sex toys to play with as well. Some lesbians I know are quite kinky and a few of them are into bondage as well. Older lesbians acknowledge the fact that there’s something special in the soft and tenderness of young lesbians and I tend to agree with them on that point. Lesbian dating does not require the elaborate courtships that normally happen in heterosexual cougar courting. It is pretty much straight up, take it or leave it. De There is many a mare grazing on the other side of the fence separating the pasture.

The obsession with ageing as displayed on television and the numerous hoardings all across the city endorsing products that defy this unalterable process only make women feel insecure and for no reason. It is a natural process, and even if you pump your face full with Botox, you’ll be as dead as a nail in our casket when the day comes. However it is a bit surprising that many a lesbian wants to date someone their age, rather than an experienced and mature lady who can teach them a trick or two in bed, along with helpful advice gained from past lessons and maybe also an allowance.

Lesbian dating

There is a feeling of discrimination and fear among the lesbian cougar community as they think they might be labelled as bad influences on the younger girls, however you do need to realise that once the woman is of age, she is free to choose a path of her own, sexual and otherwise. Despite this, most dating sites for lesbians feature profiles of older lesbians who want a good time with a pretty faced girl, and there are very few takers for older cougars. I find this pretty incongruous, because the older woman can benefit the younger one with her skills in bed, acceptance in high class social circles, as well as kind words of advice and compassion should the cub be feeling down.

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There are of course, exceptions to the rule. I personally know a girl who goes around with a woman old enough to pass as her mother. It is also surprising that the cougar found the cub mature enough to handle issues as well as situations that demanded quite a bit of discretion, because there were jealous husbands in the ranks and a false move would have set off alarm bells ringing at each end.

At the end of the day, I would say that it is you who has to have the balls to take the call on whether to enter into a lesbian relationship. Trust me; your labia will learn quite a few lessons.

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