What you should do when you’re falling in love with sugar momma

love with sugar momma

The modern man, in all his craziness, has hit upon a new addiction that of falling for sugar mamas. Sugar momma love and sugar momma dating in USA are increasingly coming to the forefront, and if you’ve fallen in love with your local sugar mommas, here’s what you need to do.


IF you have less money than she does, or none at all because you’re saving for the world wildlife fund, that’s alright, as long as you do that with conviction. Your sugar momma out earns you by miles, so she would at least like to see some fire in your belly because she has it too (the reason behind her raking in the dough). Again, if you get home from work and do not have anything to say, she’s going to walk out the door because of your lack of engagement at a time when you’re progressively moving into her life and space.


If you make less money than she does, she’s holding on to you because she sees potential in you. It doesn’t mean that you need to out earn her. If the shit hits the fan and she loses her job for some reason, she’s convinced that you have what it takes to put food and essential supplies on the table, and also cover basic supplies. Basically, she does not need a moocher. If you can’t handle that, you have a problem.

Don’t be a hater

A woman will hear every snide comment that you make. Be sure of that and hence avoid criticizing her at every turn, or you’ll find yourself without a roof over your head very shortly. Women, especially sugar mamas are very sensitive about their looks and this can lead to many a storm. So watch your mouth.

Handling a situation

Girls who clock guys in salary “handle it” on a daily basis at work, which is why they clock the guys they work with; they get it done better and faster. If something goes wrong when you’re hanging out, figure out how to handle the situation before she has to think about it. For example, while visiting a restaurant, if you see that the reservations are messed up, have a word with the authorities in question proactively, before she decides to. This enhances your self esteem and also makes you a “go to” man in her eyes. Do not make the mistake of assuming that she needs to handle every situation just because she knows how.


Your sugar momma is going to like and appreciate it if you pay for her in the beginning. At least it conveys the feeling that you’re not on the verge of bankruptcy. After this you can pull back and allow both of you to chip in. If you’re really in love with your sugar momma, see if you can pay for things she normally would. Women can read a lot of things better and this gesture will not go unnoticed.

Don’t lie about your career

Even if you’re a zookeeper, tell her what you do for a living. Lying about your career is one of the worst mistakes you can make when dating sugar mommas. If you truly love her, you’re going to lose her affections for sure, and do not expect her to come back to you anytime soon. Women respect self aware guys and those who are truthful. It’s probably one of the reasons why they are still single at 40, They just couldn’t take the bullshit any more.