Why you should get a Timisoara girl and make her fall in love with you

Timisoara girls are Romanian beauties

Timisoara girls are Romanian beauties who live in a small beautiful town called Timisoara. It is as historical and interesting as all other Romanian cities but life is calmer here. People are very traditional and conservative so dating a Timisoara girl is a bit more challenging than dating girls from bigger touristic cities.

However, this town is far from being modest and boring boondocks. It is, in fact, a central town of Banat, European historical region. The government of the town is doing everything for the moment to make it the European capital of culture to 2021, and local citizens are quite proud of all those honorific titles.

So here comes the first tip on how to conquer a Timisoara girl: ask her to tell you about the cultural heritage of her town, and show the maximum of respect while listening. The first step will be done!

Indigenous Timisoara women slightly differ from other Romanian women as they have mixed Serbian, Hungarian, and German genes. Their skin is somewhat lighter and their eyes are often green, while other Romanians tend to be dark-eyed and quite tanned. The girls are mostly conservative regarding relationships and marriage but they already start opening their minds and accepting a franker courtship than traditions demand.

The best time to visit Timisoara is late April when they celebrate a Flower Day. It’s an impressive festival that combines national traditions and the beauty of multi-colored flowers and plants. The town is in 1-hour flight from Bucharest and low-cost flights are available. Although the architecture is unique and majestic, there’s nothing really to do longer than 2 days of the weekend, unless you’re already in love with a Timisoara girl!

In this case, you’ll greatly enjoy the town even if you stay there for weeks. It is much cozier, prettier, and brighter than Bucharest and other Romanian cities. Yes, not only flowers are bright in Timisoara! The roofs and facades of some houses and churches are also very colourful. It creates a special romantic atmosphere especially under the sun rays so it’s indeed the best place for starting a new lasting relationship.

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You’ll be surprised but if Constanta is often called “Little Paris”, Timisoara has an unofficial name “Little Vienna”. Its architecture indeed reminds the Austrian style and so does the culture in general.

You’ll enjoy Timisoara cuisine: it’s not too traditional or let’s say boring like in Bucharest and it doesn’t contain too much seafood like in Constanta. It’s simple, tasty, and cheap enough so you can take your sweetheart out for a dinner as often as you want.

There are actually much more romantic places in Timisoara such as Roses Park, Bega River coast, Opera House, Libertatii Square under hundreds of colored umbrellas etc. And some of the churches and cathedrals will literally leave you speechless. If you fall in love in this town, you’re guaranteed to have the brightest memories that will enlighten all your future life with your chosen one. Timisoara local wine should be mentioned separately as it’s simply delicious! A hot wine is popular too, especially in colder seasons.

What’s more surprising, this charming town is never too crowded with the tourists. In fact, it’s not that popular for now, but this unfair statistics will be surely improved with time.

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Timisoara women are not chasing foreigners like some other Eastern European girls. They do have dignity and they wait to be conquered. They perfectly get along with local men and create happy families with them so if you’re really determined to get one of these hot beauties, better hurry up, and be convincing.

Like all other Romanian girls, Timisoara ladies really appreciate when you ask them about their parents’ health and other family members, about their career aspirations and dreams in life. They like to be reassured they won’t lose any opportunities after the marriage with you but only gain new ones instead. They like to be respected for their personal qualities, their hard job, and only after – for their beauty, but it doesn’t mean you should skip the compliments. Another important tip is being yourself. Exactly in this vibrant and refreshing town, girls are extremely intuitive so it’s nearly impossible to fool them.